2018: As usual our turkeys will again be available fresh for Thanksgiving. Contact us now to reserve your fresh holiday bird.

To reserve a fresh turkey for Thanksgiving see our ORDER page.

Pasture Raised White Turkeys: Broad Breasted Whites... these birds get big... We expect dressed weights to be between approx. 15 - 30+ lbs. We receive our white turkeys as day-old poults, free from antibiotics and vaccines. Our turkeys are fed the same grain mix that our broiler chickens receive and at 4-6 weeks old they are moved out to pasture to forage for insects and grasses. These turkeys develop an incredible flavor from natural foraging.

Pasture Raised Heritage Turkeys: These birds love the grass... and the bugs. Our turkeys get moved to fresh grass every few days, as we have fewer of these, and they have more room to roam. We are currently growing new brood stock as a predator attack nearly wiped us out. Because of the slow-growth of these turkeys they are approx. 8-12 lbs by thanksgiving. They are also great for christmas...


"I wanted to say thank you for the best turkey we ever had. We even messed up cooking it by taking it out of the oven way to early, then put it back in after it had cooled down and it was the most moist turkey ever.

My wife who is not a big turkey fan because she says it has no taste, loved it. we are looking forward to next thanksgiving for your turkey again."

Joe, Staten Island, NY

"Stuffed, the bird tipped the scales at 39 pounds! I had a hard time finding a pan big enough to roast this whopper in... My company was blown away at how delicious such a giant bird tasted. The skin was the best, and the bird was very moist and tender. I just wanted to let you know how happy we were with it. Let me know when you have any more chicks or turks available."

Brad, Erie, PA


All of our products are raised/grown naturally, without the use of pesticides, herbicides, chemical fertilizers, antibiotics, or growth hormones!

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