Pastured Brown Eggs: Our layer chickens spend spring, summer, and fall on pasture, eating grasses, bugs, and the same all-natural grains as our broiler chickens. As of June 20th, 2013 our layer flock feed ration is soy-free.

During the summer months our layer flock has a somewhat symbiotic relationship with our beef cattle. Sharing the same pasture they all benefit from each other. The chickens will break apart the manure to get their fill of bugs and larvae, at the same time "spreading" the manure to benefit the pasture. The cattle benefit from reduced pest infestations, flies and other insects that lay their eggs in the manure. This helps us to raise our beef without the use of chemical pesticides.

During the winter months our layer flock is housed in a large protected coop with plenty of room for the chicken to be a chicken...

Our eggs (regular-large size in brand new cartons) are available year-round at our farm and the Lighthouse Grocery in Mayville, NY. Our eggs are also served at The White Carrot restaurant in Mayville, NY and Two Ames restaurant in Chautauqua Institution. Always fresh and always delicious, with a thick albumen (white) and a deep orange yolk. At our farm you can also find "jumbo" and "pullet" eggs in new and recycled cartons.

Our eggs are all hand-washed using USDA "no-soak" guidlines. This is a hands-on process that usually reveals the unacceptable eggs. If you are not satisfied with your eggs from Good Grass Farm please contact us and we will replace them or refund you.


"I went camping this weekend up in North Carolina with my friends and we ate the rest of those eggs you hooked me up with as well as some of that delicious King Salmon. My friends said those were the best eggs they had ever tasted!"

Jesse, Greer, SC


All of our products are raised/grown naturally, without the use of pesticides, herbicides, chemical fertilizers, antibiotics, or growth hormones!

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