03/30/09 - 250+" of snow total this winter, and that's all I have to say about that.

We will be starting the first batch of Heritage Turkey eggs (all Bourbon Reds) in the incubator in a couple days. We will post availability here by June 1st. We are currenty taking orders for pasture raised broiler chickens and white turkeys, see our order page for details. We will also have pasture raised pork this year, we will post availablity in June.


05/8/09 - oh its an exciting time of the year...

Busy days behind and busy day ahead, everything is going smooth so-far. The first clutch of herituage turkeys hatched a few days ago, the second is in the incubator, the third i'm going to let the hens handle. The brooder houses are starting to fill with chicks, the first batch of Cornish Rocks arrived the other day. We also have a small flock of Jersey Giants in the brooder. See the Products section for availability of chickens.

The Beefers are happy to have fresh grass and the layers have a new mobile layer coop (made of 75% reclaimed material) and are enjoying the new spring grass, and of course giving us lots of nice brown eggs. Steers will go to the butcher July 12th contact michael@goodgrassfarm for availability.

Blueberry bushes have started to bud and a few have begun to flower. Thanks to the nice weather we've been able to really work the produce lot with piles of fresh compost and ash. The early crops are in and we're waiting for the soil to warm a little more before we sow the rest.


05/28/09 - It's good to be working outside again.

The first batch of broiler chicks will be moving out to pasture today, the Jersey Giants will go out next week. The First group of white turkeys arrived today, these will be the "big guys". If you would like to reserve a "large" white turkey, 30+ lbs, we have a few still available to reserve, just call or email. We are expecting 2 more hatches of heritage turkeys late next week, we'll post availability in a couple of weeks.

We are preparing to fence in a couple new pastures in the next couple weeks, one for beefers and one for pigs. The layer hens are enjoying thier new digs and have really increased their egg production. Yes, we have lots of fresh brown eggs!

The gardens are starting to fill in with new growth. This year we hope to have: peas, carrots, onions, zuchini, summer squash, potatoes, green beans, cucumbers, brussel sprouts, greens, and herbs. will post availability in July.

Blueberries are coming along nicely, not as abundant as last year but there will be plenty. We should have blueberries available around the 1st of July.





All of our products are raised/grown naturally, without the use of pesticides, herbicides, chemical fertilizers, antibiotics, or growth hormones!

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