1/10/13 Since I did not update last fall... Here's a recap.

Due to the unusual spring weather some things began earlier than normal. Our blueberries were ripening in mid-June and we picked unitl the first week in August. Wether it was the spring weather or the addition of the honey bees during flowering, our blueberry harvest was twice that of our best year. Our green bean harvest was also very good, however, the rest of our produce did not fare too well during the hot, dry summer. Six acres of buckwheat withered while flowering, the honey bees got thier fill and produced gallons of honey but the seeds never happened... The fall weather was much better and gave us an abundant harvest of dried beans, wild meadow mushrooms and raspberries. Many thanks to Debbie's bees!

this past year we had a number of small and large farm tours including a bus tour of Chautauqua farms by Feed Your Soul in Buffalo. We aslo provided products for a handfull of "localvore" farm-to-table dinners including a wonderful evening at the Johnson Estate Winery in Westfield, NY, and a wedding in Eden, NY. If you're interested in a tour or good food for a farm-to-table dinner just give us a call. Terri and Glenn from NC, thanks you so much for the thoughful gift, i enjoyed showing you our farm.

This fall we added to our beef herd with 2 bred cows and their yearling heifer calves and 1 bred heifer, all registered, purebred Dexters. In case i didn't mention it... we are "small-scale".

Thanksgiving turkey processing went very smoothly with many thanks to Andy and Charlie. We had many great comments from our customers. Thanks to everyone for making this another successful year at Good Grass Farm.

Our layer flock has been moved indoors for the winter and doing very well. After their fall molt they are beginning to lay again and we are picking dozens of eggs per day. You can always find our eggs at the Lighthouse Grocery in Mayville, and stop at Stedman Corners Coffee in Stedman, NY and have our eggs cooked to your order. Today we had an additional 100 day-old layer chicks arrive, all are doing fine in the brooder. They will be a great addition to our flock and should begin laying about the 1st of July.

We still have some frozen whole broiler chcikens available for purchase on a first-come, first-served basis. We also have fresh brown eggs available. I will be posting our 2013 schedule soon, stay tuned...

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All of our products are raised/grown naturally, without the use of pesticides, herbicides, chemical fertilizers, antibiotics, or growth hormones!

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