6/4/12 Another season is upon us...

It's been very busy around here this spring. Gardens are cultivated and being planted. Broiler chickens are ranging in the pasture. New chicks are in the brooder, with even more on the way. The layer flock is increasing and will reach our 300 bird capacity in the next few weeks. They are enjoying the pasture and giving us lots of eggs. Calving season is over with a couple new additions. Turkey poults are due to arrive in a couple weeks. The blueberries have set, with the help of a local honey bee hive, and are loaded with berries, thanks Debbie! Our own hay field is growing nicely and will be ready for first cutting shortly. We've plowed and cultivated a 6 acre plot for growing supplemental grains (grown organically) for our turkeys and layers this fall. Our daughter Elsa Jean will celebrate her first birthday this month and will tell you what the chicken says and what the cow says...

Fresh or frozen whole chickens will be available starting July 15th, reservations for chickens will be accepted until July 20th. If you haven't reserved your chicken some may be available on a first come first served basis. Grass fed beef will be available starting July 1st and will include: dry-aged ground beef, ribeye, tenderloin, shortribs, brisket and soup bones. Reservations for Whole, halves, or quarters (custom cut to your order) will be accepted up to July 15th. Pre-orders for turkeys are now being accepted, pre-order by July 1st and receive last years pricing of $3/lb. All turkey orders after July 1st will be subject to availability. Eggs are always available at the farm, the Lighthouse Grocery in Mayville, Nature's Network in Fredonia, Furniture City Foods in Jamestown, and The Plumbush Bed & Breakfast in Chautauqua. Blueberries will be available starting about July 1st, our organically grown blueberries will be available at the same places that our eggs will be, with the addition of Stedman Corners Coffee in Stedman, NY.

Hope to see you soon!

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